IT Services

Success Dragon, leveraging on its existing business relationships has decided to enter the sector of providing customised information technology solutions. We strive to understand customer’s needs and structure proposals to establish solutions that meet specifically our clients’ needs and we source, install, host and/or maintain the hardware and software comprised for our clients’ solutions. We design specific solutions for customers who wish to outsourced their information technology needs.

Success Dragon also provides consultancy services to review and analyse customers existing information technology setups, make recommendations as to how to optimise and maximise them and make the necessary changes to suit the clients’ needs for which we source, install, host and/or maintain the hardware and software required by our customers.

Among the IT Services and customised solutions that we provide are:

  • IT Infrastructure Support
  • IT Consultancy Services
  • Hardware and Software Solutions
  • Network Infrastructure and Management Solutions
  • Software Development and Solutions
  • Video Broadcasting Infrastructure and Management
  • Storage and Data Management Solutions

We continue to actively seek further opportunities as we intend to strongly grow this section of our business by increasing the number of clients and diversifying not only within the region but around the world.